Monday, March 17, 2008

Jocks vs Geeks

I have issues. No not crazy issues. Indecisive issues. In the case of
jock vs. geek....who do you pick? p

I like geeks. The are intellegent and thoughtful and love video games.
Downside: they generally hate all sports

I like jocks. They will watch sports 24-7 and obviously like playing
sports. Downside: unless its Madden video games are like a foreign
language to them.

As for me: I love video games a lot. I love intelligence. I also love
softball and pretty much any other sport.

So really...I can't win either way. Which do you think is the lesser
of teo evils?


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WinTwins57 said...

Huh, this is a toughie - I also like both. Isn't there anyone out there who is BOTH??!! :)

Goon said...

There are guys like me that are actually geeks and jocks. LOL...

You kicked my ass in fantasy football. Yikes...